is a very hard non-porous stone

Impermeable to bacteria and not require sealant
Quartz is a non-porous product so it will be much more difficult to stain. That makes it an ideal surface for your kitchen or bathroom. Quartz is low maintenance, and does not require yearly sealing. Care should still be taken to avoid stains. Staining can be prevented by cleaning the countertops with mild soap and water as spills occur
Can be made with consistent colors and patterns
Quartz is not completely natural. It is made using around 95% ground quartz and resin to bind everything together. Quartz tends to have a very uniform pattern and consistent color throughout. Quartz also come in a variety of patterns and colors.
More expensive than granite
However, there are granite colors that are more exotic and have prices comparable to Quartz. Typically, Quartz tends to be about 15-25% higher than granite
Not resistant to temperature
Susceptible to cracking with extreme heat. When cooking you should use a barrier between hot pans and your stone

Caring for your stone

We recommend using coasters or a barrier with liquids containing alcohol or citrus containing juices. Citrus containing juices can etch or dull your beautiful countertops. If citrus or alcohl should spill on your countertops just wipe the spill with a wet non-abrasive cloth.

We suggest you clean your countertops with a mild soap or a cleaner specifically for stone products. Avoid cleaners with ammonia, vinegar, or citrus extracts.

Granite should be sealed yearly to prolong shine and protection of your stone. Quartz does not require sealant.

Quartz Styles

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Fabrication of kitchen and bathroom countertops
Major’s Granite and Quartz specializes in fabrication of kitchen and bathroom countertops. Our showroom in Lancaster Kentucky carries a variety of granite and quartz options for your project
Sinks for kitchen and bathroom
We carry an array of sinks to conveniently help you complete the look in your kitchen or bathroom.
Custom shower installation and renovation
Achieve a more seamless look with minimal upkeep. Porcelain has many beautiful options and has already been proven as a great surface in showers
Design a solid surface fireplace
We can help you design a solid surface fireplace to wow your guests!